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You might know me as the funny, fiery, and eternally optimistic mom from Dance Moms who tells it like it is. You also probably know that I’ve made mistakes. Some of which have been on TV. Thankfully, I’ve been lucky enough to build a career sharing what I’ve learned along the way. My current mission is to empower the next generation. Think of me as both your cheerleader and coach. Someone who’s going to help you set the right goals and achieve them armed with BS-free advice, courses and tools that take the stress out of navigating life. Like I said, I’ve made my mistakes and I am here to tell you what works — and what doesn’t.

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There’s something about sitting down with a pen and paper (rather than your phone) and sketching out your goals that makes you more accountable.


Did you know that I have not one, but TWO podcasts? Get those air pods charged and dive into Christi's Couch

and Back to the Barre, now available, everywhere!

Christi's Couch

You saw me deliver the fierce on Dance Moms — where I always spoke my mind. On my podcast, Christi’s Couch, I’m at it again.

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Christi's Couch

Back to the Barre

OG Dance Moms and partners-in-crime, Christi & Kelly, take us back to the barre with this weekly podcast, recapping Dance Moms episodes & sharing never-before-heard behind the scenes stories.

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