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How can you be expected to know something no one ever taught you?
Join Adulting 101 and get the inside scoop on how to make the most of your 20s.


If you’re feeling anxious about going from full-time student to full-time adult, you’re not alone. Seriously, your early adult years can be equal parts exciting and intimidating. I get it. That’s why I created Adulting 101: an online community where you can find support, advice and encouragement from your peers who are also trying to figure it all out. On top of that, monthly membership also gets you access to a heap of resources created by yours truly. 


  •  A private virtual community where you can connect with your peers. It’s seriously awesome. 

  • Monthly masterclasses, where I break down a complex topic in a video lesson with accompanying slides and workbook. 

  •  Downloadable mini-lessons (how-tos, checklists and step-by-step guides). New ones are posted every month and cover a wide range of real life topics, like how to decipher those cryptic laundry symbols, making a budget, and how to ace your first job interview.

  • The Adulting 101 portal with resources on topics organized around five zones of genius: Work, Finance, Home Life, Wellness, and Out of Office (think: making and maintaining adult friendships, and travel).

  • A community text chain, where you’ll get notes of encouragement and sassy tips from me straight to your phone. It’s so fun.

Membership rates: $22/month, or $99/annually

Cancel any time, there are no opt out fees. 

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